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HEC Liège is the School of Management of the University of Liège.

It is internationally renowned for the excellence of its research and for the diversity of its educational offer in the fields of management and economics.
At the regional level, HEC Liège contributes significantly to the development of its region.
HEC Liège
The University of Mons is a Belgian university located in the city of Mons, founded in 2009 by merging the Engineering Faculty of Mons and the University of Mons-Hainaut. 
Logistics in Wallonia is the Transport and Logistics Competitiveness Cluster, created to promote the transport and logistics sector of Wallonia both within the country and abroad, by coordinating activities, by defining a common strategy and by optimising human and technological resource
Logistics in Wallonia
e-Origin is a platform that aims to provide innovative digital solutions in the field of customs declarations and logistics. Getting the job well done will avoid penalties, unexpected delays and losses for the stakeholders and will lead to happy clients at the end.
Liège Airport
Rue Saint Exupéry 17
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