e-Origin provides a dedicated platform for EU Customs Declarations!
The e-Origin platform is composed of 2 main solution blocks
The e-Origin product platform
The e-Origin product platform

The online platform to encode and share product's information among all actors without compromise on confidentiality.
Data elements are always trustable thanks to verifiable credentials.

The e-Origin intelligent services
The e-Origin intelligent services

Smart tools and web services to make correct product encoding & safe customs declaration (Products classification intelligence, declaration risk analysis engine, ...).
That's why e-Origin provides a dedicated platform!

You easily get access to a structured and confidential collection of trustable data about companies and products to make your quality controlled customs declarations.
Avoid penalties and unexpected delays

e-Commerce is booming with bigger volumes and a larger variety of products and while in a competitive environment, declarations must to be done in very short term.
Higher targeted customs controls and the continuously increase of complexity of EU customs regulations, requirements for VAT rules, preferential trade agreements, counterfeiting, etc. are elements to deal with.

Getting the job well done will avoid penalties, unexpected delays and losses for the stakeholders and will lead to happy clients at the end.
Avoid penalties

Tailored to foreign trade

Structured product data tailored for customs declarations and international trade

Legal enforcement

Legal proof of authenticity for each product information

Open & Interoperable

An open approach proposing an interoperable wallet with full sovereignty on your data - no vendor lock-in!

Easy App & API

Easy apps & API to increase your productivity
Digital Trust

Why digital trust is so important?

Trustable information about suppliers and products are key when it comes to perform a customs declaration.

But how could you verify that an information received in an email, in a scanned document or visible in a webshop is correct?

Product information are transmitted through many actors involved in the international trade and in the supply chain, from the manufacturer to the declarant. The chain of information exchanged between actors, enriched with certifying parties and controlled by legal authorities, provides unlimited verifiable proofs to guarantee the data integrity of a product.

The e-Origin platform provides trustable information about products, following a collaborative approach allowing actors to gradually enrich and certify product’s information and make it available online, safely. 
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e-Origin is a platform that aims to provide innovative digital solutions in the field of customs declarations and logistics. Getting the job well done will avoid penalties, unexpected delays and losses for the stakeholders and will lead to happy clients at the end.
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